WHY does Ameren have a responsibility to its shareholders?

Ameren (NYSE: AEE) is a publicly traded company with approximately 48,000 common shareholders of record. Shareholders make our business model work. It takes a vast amount of capital to maintain and enhance the electric and natural gas systems throughout Ameren’s 64,000-square-mile service territory. Shareholders provide us with a portion of the capital to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure and keep service reliable for customers.

Although Ameren does not compete for customers, we do compete for investors. That’s why we are focused on delivering top-tier total shareholder returns among our utility peer group. By investing in AEE, shareholders enable Ameren to invest in projects that benefit our customers.


  • Attractive, predictable returns
  • Earnings and dividend growth
  • Solid financial management

Our Business Model

Ameren must fund operations that provide customers’ electricity and natural gas.

To Do So, We Use a Blend of:




Borrowed Capital


Shareholder Investment

Learn more about our business model and the importance of strong financial performance.

EEI ESG/Sustainability Pilot Template:

This voluntary effort is in response to investor and stakeholder desire for information that is consistent across the electric utility sector in terms of accessibility, content, and timing. The template includes both qualitative and quantitative information, consisting of several focus areas: ESG/Sustainability Strategy, ESG/Sustainability Governance, Energy Portfolio, Emissions and Resources, including Human Resources.

Additional Resources

Ameren InvestoR Webcasts and Presentations

Ameren Sec Filings: Our annual Form 10-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission contains extensive reporting across a multitude of Business, Risk, Governance and other items. Additional quarterly filings are also available.

Corporate Governance Documents: Our energy infrastructure is only as good as the accountability infrastructure that guides our people. It’s not enough to build pipes, poles and energy centers: We must build trust through our conduct and communication. You may view governance documents and charters (including Code of Ethics, Principles of Business Conduct and Corporate Governance Guidelines).

Leadership: Our vision for socially responsible operations begins with Ameren’s Board of Directors and is carried out by a team of knowledgeable leaders that make up Ameren’s Executive Leadership Team.

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