SEE our balanced approach to planning and risk management

Shareholders care how we mitigate risks, including those related to environmental, social and economic factors. Our level of exposure can influence our access to capital, which affects our ability to make reliability or environmental upgrades while keeping energy prices reasonable. It is our social and fiscal responsibility to identify risks before they affect the enterprise so that we can take timely steps to mitigate these risks. This is why our company takes an integrated approach to business risk management:

We engage about 350 people – from operating personnel, to subsidiary presidents, to the Ameren Corporation Board of Directors.

Risks are identified, assessed, prioritized and mitigated
at the operational level, and then rolled up to segment levels for visibility and vetting.

Our ongoing participation in the Electric Power Research Institute’s
Energy Sustainability Interest Group also helps us to better understand material issues facing utilities.

Enhanced Esg/Sustainability Reporting

Ameren is among several Edison Electric Institute (EEI) member companies piloting the voluntary environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability-related reporting template for investors. This voluntary effort is in response to investor and stakeholder desire for information that is consistent across the electric utility sector in terms of accessibility, content, and timing. The template includes both qualitative and quantitative information, consisting of several focus areas: ESG/Sustainability Strategy, ESG/Sustainability Governance, Energy Portfolio, Emissions, and Resources (including Human Resources).

The template was developed by EEI under the guidance of an ESG/Sustainability Steering Committee and an ESG/Sustainability Investor Group. Ameren is a member of the EEI ESG/Sustainability Steering Committee.


For a discussion of risk factors, please see our 2017 Form 10-K as well as quarterly filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Climate Risk Report

In keeping with our commitment to environmental stewardship, during the first quarter of 2019, we will publish a report dedicated to climate risk. The report will include analysis of the potential impacts of future policy and technology changes on our generation portfolio and will leverage the results of our participation in the Electric Power Research Institute’s study regarding utility industry scenario analyses with respect to climate change.

Sustainability Governance

Ameren is focused on ensuring that its corporate governance practices protect and enhance long-term shareholder value. Reflecting its balanced approach to sustainability, Ameren's commitment to strong corporate governance includes policies and principles that integrate environmental, social and governance matters into the Company's broader risk management and strategic planning initiatives. Ameren's Board of Directors, comprising 11 independent board members and Ameren's CEO as Chairman, oversees environmental, social and governance matters both directly and through certain of its standing committees.

  • The full Board of Directors oversees environmental matters as they relate to policy and strategy.
  • The Audit and Risk Committee oversees the Company's enterprise risk management (ERM) framework, which includes strategic and operational risks, as well as the processes, guidelines and policies for identifying, assessing, monitoring and mitigating such risks. Ameren's ERM program is a comprehensive risk management framework that is designed to ensure that all forms of risk and opportunity are identified, reported and managed in an effective manner. Risk management is embedded into business processes and key decision making at all levels of the company.
  • The Nuclear and Operations Committee oversees and reviews the Company's operations, including safety, performance, and compliance issues, including environmental and nuclear compliance, and related risk management policies and practices.
  • The Human Resources Committee is responsible for oversight of our programs to attract, develop, promote and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce, and ensure that these programs support the Company's overall business strategy and objectives.
  • The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee reviews and evaluates the composition of the Board, recommends Board nominees and broadly oversees the Company's corporate governance.

Ameren also maintains Corporate Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion councils comprising representatives from various areas of the Company. The Corporate Sustainability Council promotes sustainable programs, engages in sustainability-related community organizations, shares knowledge and best practices, and contributes to the development of corporate social responsibility and emissions reports. Ameren's Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Council works to ensure that diversity and inclusion is applied to Ameren within the framework of the corporate mission, vision and values. Both of these councils are sponsored by Ameren's Executive Leadership Team, which includes the most senior executives of the Ameren Companies.