YOU can help.

We work every day to provide reliable, reasonably priced energy in an environmentally responsible manner. You can help make a difference, too. Here’s how.

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Reduce Your Use

When people consume less energy, it re­sults in fewer emissions. If one in 10 American households installed efficient heating and cooling, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates our nation would keep 17 billion pounds of emissions, including CO2, out of the air.

Start Saving

Switch to Paperless Billing

Did you know each paper bill takes about 50 cents to print and mail? Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of customers, 12 times a year, and wasted cost and paper add up. Help make us a leaner, greener utility by getting your bill electronically. About 14 percent of customers participate in this free service.

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Wind Turbine

Support Renewables

Ameren Missouri customers can help renewable energy succeed. For each $10 block of Pure Power customers contribute, we secure one Green-e Certified® Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)—effectively adding cleaner sourc­es, such as wind, to our supply mix. In 2017, customers purchased over 54,000 RECs—equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 47,000 metric tons of CO2.

Go Green
peak times

Earn Peak Time Rewards

Get paid for reducing your electricity use during times of high demand, such as on hot summer days. PEAK TIME REWARDS® are available to Ameren Illinois residential electric customers with eligible advanced meters. Not only can you earn credit off your bill, you can reduce your impact on the community power grid and the environment.

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Help Neighbors In Need

We work hard to ensure reasonably priced energy, but we know some customers struggle to make ends meet. Bill-pay assistance programs are funded by your charitable giving and ours. In 2017, Ameren and our customers gave a total of $1.8 million--aiding nearly 5,000 households.

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