WHOM do we engage with on key issues?

Listening to—and learning from—diverse stakeholders helps our company make better long-term decisions. Here are some groups Ameren regularly interacts with, along with examples of engagement.


Without customers, our business does not exist. We take seriously our responsibility to power the quality of life for each person in our service area. Ameren regularly polls customers about their interactions with our employees and their satisfaction with our company.

Our Customer Experience teams study surveys and polls throughout the year. These are among the top factors that drive satisfaction with our customers:

  • Power quality and reliability
  • Billing and payment options
  • Price
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People see Ameren’s infrastructure every day in their neighborhoods. Our people seek to be equally visible to keep communities informed and to field questions. We meet with municipalities, civic leaders, elected officials, neighborhood associations, emergency responders, educators, local media and more. We also provide speakers on a variety of topics to schools, community groups and civic organizations.

  • In 2017, Ameren salvaged more than $240,000 worth of fair market value office equipment and supplies.
  • Ameren funded nearly 60 nonprofit organizations within the service territory through the Dollars for Doers program. The program is designed to help organizations that our co-workers are passionate about by providing grants to the nonprofits at which they volunteer. In 2017, co-workers recorded nearly 5,900 volunteer hours in this program.
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Co-workers are our most valuable resource. Their well-being and knowledge directly affect how well Ameren performs. Our employees are deeply involved in safety, diversity and inclusion efforts. Their individual perspectives are recognized and valued.

  • Ameren’s health plans offer free preventive care to support the well-being of employees and their families. A professional wellness team is also available, as well as free 24-hour counseling for employees and family members struggling with stress, addiction, grief and life-changing events.
  • Formed in March 2002 by a charter from Ameren senior management, the Ameren Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Council works to ensure that diversity and inclusion are applied to Ameren within the framework of the corporate mission, vision and values.
  • Nearly 50 learning and leadership opportunities are available that align with Ameren's business needs, including a robust tuition reimbursement package.
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Our utilities are regulated differently in Missouri and Illinois. In Illinois, we operate a delivery-only company; in Missouri, we generate and deliver energy. Policy decisions directly affect our customers and company, so we work with legislators and regulators to develop constructive frameworks that encourage investment in energy infrastructure, maintain affordable rates, achieve environmental goals and shape energy efficiency programs.

  • In Missouri, electric regulatory framework modernization would yield benefits similar to those enjoyed by other states. It’s in the best long-term interest of Ameren Missouri customers and the economic vitality of Missouri as a whole to modernize the regulatory framework. Ameren Missouri is working with many stakeholders to develop an appropriate legislative solution that keeps customer rates affordable and allows us to continue to invest in Missouri while providing safe, reliable service to our customers for years to come.
  • Modernizing Missouri’s regulatory framework is essential to spur needed investments to upgrade the state’s aging electric utility infrastructure in a timely manner and to create jobs.
  • In December 2016, electric formula ratemaking in Illinois was extended through 2022. This important legislation paved the way for Ameren Illinois to continue a world-class energy infrastructure modernization program for central and southern Illinois, to provide customers with greater tools to manage their energy usage and to create quality jobs — all while maintaining affordable rates.
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Our shareholders—who are our owners—count on Ameren to make the right decisions and balance the needs of all of our stakeholders to achieve attractive returns. We engage shareholders through our quarterly earnings webcasts, participation in conferences hosted by investment firms, meetings with institutional investors and our annual shareholder meeting. In addition, our Investor Relations and Investor Services teams field inquiries. This report is another way we communicate the goals and progress of the company.

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