WHAT is Ameren's approach to sustainability?

Safe, reliable energy is the bedrock of our nation’s economic prosperity and standard of living. Ameren manages our business in a sustainable fashion so we can fulfill our vision—"Leading the Way to a Secure Energy Future"—and our mission, "To Power the Quality of Life."

We understand that millions of people in Illinois and Missouri are counting on us to deliver, and our company has proudly done so for more than 100 years. For Ameren to continue meeting our region’s energy needs, it is vital to balance the many needs of our customers and stakeholders.

our approach

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To power the quality of life

Energy is a vital commodity for homes, schools, hospitals, offices and factories. It can literally save lives. Millions of people and hundreds of businesses count on us for safe, reliable, reasonably priced energy. This is a big responsibility. It’s why we do the work we do.

Our company powers the quality of life in other ways, too. This includes economic development and community improvement, support of waste reduction and energy conservation programs, volunteerism and corporate philanthropy. All of these and more are reflected in our ap­proach to sustainability.

Leading the way to a secure energy future

Through our vision, we consider how our actions today affect the future. A secure energy future means dependable service for our region, delivered through modern infrastructure, originating from a supply portfolio that is cleaner while remaining reliable.

Leading the way requires us to plan decades ahead as to how to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. It compels us to engage with multiple stakeholders and serve as thought leaders on energy issues. It takes a workforce that’s driven to innovate. And it takes a commitment to execute on our strategy.

We will invest in regulated energy infrastructure, continuously improve performance and advocate for responsible energy policies to deliver superior customer and shareholder value.

Our past investments in energy infrastructure provide the safe and reliable energy you receive today. Our ongoing investments seek to make the system cleaner, more reliable and able to support the needs of generations to come. The elements of Ameren’s strategy connect closely with our corporate social responsibilities:

  • The investments we make in energy infrastructure enhance the reliability and efficiency of our system.
  • We advocate for responsible energy policies to aid the transition to a cleaner, more fuel-diverse generation portfolio, while mitigating impacts on rates and reliability.
  • Relentless improvement takes motivated co-workers who live our values, which is why we focus on safety and craft a culture of excellence.
  • Growth in shareholder value enables the long-term economic viability of our business, as well as our near-term ability to make critical infrastructure upgrades, support jobs and give to worthwhile causes.